Life in St. Joseph, Missouri

St. Joseph is made up of people, places and amenities that are unlike any other Midwest city. We’re bold. We’re curious. We’re quirky. We’re uncommon in the best of ways. “Made with Uncommon Character” simply summarizes St. Joseph. This city of more than 76,000 residents has an abundance of character, in its architecture, its residents and its amenities. It is uncommon—from its pioneering and rebellious history to its entrepreneurial spirit of yesterday and today. St. Joseph and its residents are unlike anywhere and anyone else.

Two kids look through a large bubble in downtown St. Joseph, Missouri

Gems around every corner

What makes us Uncommon? Run, bike or walk one of the longest, most beautiful parkway systems in America. Stroll our picturesque Missouri River bluffs. Visit an artist’s gallery, or get lost in the melodies of live musicians—from jazz and rock to big band and bluegrass—at Coleman Hawkins Park in the middle of our thriving downtown. Eat local farm-to-table organics and delectable multi-cultural cuisine as well as dishes from your favorite restaurants. And, when you need to purchase goods, our entrepreneurs and owners have you covered. Shop in some of the most unique architectural gems you’ll find anywhere. There’s something for everyone here.

A family of four walks a dog on the sidewalk in downtown St. Joseph, Missouri


For 175 years, the people here have been the makers, the innovators, the instigators and the producers, building a community and region unlike any other. St. Joseph, Missouri… original, authentic and uncommon in the BEST of ways. Since 1843, we have been, and continue to be, a community… Made with Uncommon Character.

A man wearing a cowboy hat holds a beer while sitting at a bar in St. Joseph, Missouri
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